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Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary medicine concentrates on the prevention and treatment of infections and diseases in animals. However, it also deals with animal husbandry, the breeding and rearing of animals as well as the products employed to assist with an animals wellbeing and welfare. 5D offer and cover a wide range of scientific testing services that are employed in reference to veterinary medicine.

Our veterinary microbiology services are used widely as we provide a wide range of testing services associated with bacteriology, mycology, molecular diagnostics and bacterial surveillance. We also provide many other services including antibiofilm testing, material efficacy testing, antimicrobial susceptibility testing such as the minimum inhibitory concentration (MICs) by broth microdilution and disc diffusion or zone of inhibition assays. 

For further information about the compete services we offer please see the microbiology, virology, biologics, infection prevention and control and the medical device testing sections in the website pages. To discuss your scientific testing needs please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on +44 (0) 151 794 9279.

Customer Testimonials

  • "We have found 5D Health Protection very informative and responsive to the work proposals, questions and final data. 5D Health were very helpful and clear in their support and advice throughout the study"
  • "5D provided an excellent service regarding product evaluation, consultancy and education"
  • "If anybody is looking to begin working with biofilms, they need to look at this course. It is run by top notch people, and they make it fun"
  • "Excellent communication of timelines"
  • “Always happy to discuss test methods and results with us”
  • “All testing was conducted as agreed, clear and professional report supplied”
  • "Very quick response to the initial request. Very professional and helpful advice to the requested studies. Very Supportive staff"
  • "If not for this course, we would likely never be able to get our lab up and running in a timely manner. This was a HUGE time saver in the long run"

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