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5D Present Eleven Biofilm Posters at SAWC, San Diego, 2017

5D will be presenting the following biofilm posters at the Symposium on Advanced Woundcare (SAWC), San Diego, 2017:

1. Tetrasodium EDTA as an Adjunct Therapy to Existing Antimicrobial Wound Dressings to Enhance Anti-biofilm ability

2. Effectiveness of a Next Generation Anti-biofilm Wound dressing on in vitro Biofilms

3. Effectiveness of a Next Generation Anti-biofilm Complex in the Treatment of Biofilms and Inflammation

4. Efficacy of an Innovative Electrolysed Water Irrigating Solution against Biofilms

5. Surfactant-based Wound Dressings in the Prevention of Biofilm Formation and Control of Established Biofilms

6. Efficacy of a Haemoglobin Spray on Biofilms

7. Development of Biofilms on a 3-dimensional Wound Model to Evaluate Antimicrobials and Wound Dressings

8. Efficacy of a Surfactant-based Wound Dressing to Cause Dispersion in Established Biofilms

9. Slough a Support Matrix For Biofilms

10. The Sequestration and Immobilisation of Microorganisms in a Surfactant-Based Wound Dressing

11. The Use of a Surfactant-Based Wound Dressing to Prevent and Control Biofilm Formation in a 3- Dimensional Skin Model

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  • "We have found 5D Health Protection very informative and responsive to the work proposals, questions and final data. 5D Health were very helpful and clear in their support and advice throughout the study"
  • "5D provided an excellent service regarding product evaluation, consultancy and education"
  • "If anybody is looking to begin working with biofilms, they need to look at this course. It is run by top notch people, and they make it fun"
  • "Excellent communication of timelines"
  • “Always happy to discuss test methods and results with us”
  • “All testing was conducted as agreed, clear and professional report supplied”
  • "Very quick response to the initial request. Very professional and helpful advice to the requested studies. Very Supportive staff"
  • "If not for this course, we would likely never be able to get our lab up and running in a timely manner. This was a HUGE time saver in the long run"

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