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5D Wins a Major Biofilm Grant from Innovate UK to Support the Multi-Billion Pounds Risk to Health

North West Based 5D Health Protection Group Ltd wins a major Biofilm grant to support the Multi-Billion Pounds Risk to Healthcare and Public Health Globally

North West based SME, 5D Health Protection Group Ltd, have won a major 30 month grant from Innovate UK to research, develop and assess technologies for the prevention and control of biofilms. Total project costs amount to approximately £500K.

Biofilms are reported to be responsible for over 65% of all healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) and 80% of all known human chronic diseases, including chronic wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers and infections. Due to their increase tolerance to antimicrobials, in particular antibiotics, biofilms represent a major issue in reference to the growing concerns of antibiotic resistance (AMR). Antibiotic resistance is a major global public health issue as highlighted by the Chief Medical Officer Prof Dame Sally Davies "Antimicrobial resistance poses a catastrophic threat. If we don't act now, any one of us could go into hospital in 20 years for minor surgery and die because of an ordinary infection that can't be treated by antibiotics. And routine operations like hip replacements or organ transplants could be deadly because of the risk of infection".

AMR is forecasted to cost $100T in world GDP and is being projected to be responsible for 10M deaths by 2050. Furthermore, biofilms are a leading cause of chronic infections, reported to cost the NHS over £2bn per annum. In addition, data provided by the new UK Biofilm Innovation Centre, contamination, energy losses and damage by biofilms impact on the £70B UK foods industry, the $2.8T consumer products sector and $117B global coatings industry.

The CEO of the 5D Health Protection Group Ltd and Director of the Centre of Excellence in Biofilm Science and Technologies (CEBST), Professor Steven Percival commented, "Winning this highly prestigious award from Innovate UK in a UK wide competition, where all industries compete for funding, is yet another endorsement of the world-class skills and expertise that 5D provide and offer to our present and new national and international partners. Over the last 2 years, 5D has undergone significant exponential growth and is now becoming established as the preferred partner for our existing and new global customers in the area of research and innovation into biofilm prevention and control".

Background on 5D

The 5D Health Protection Group is a ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 BSi certified independent contract R&D and microbiology testing organisation. As a Centre of excellence in biofilm science and technologies (CEBST), 5D develop and validate measurable ways of preventing, controlling, modelling, diagnosing, sampling and analysing biofilms.

Understanding the risk of microbial contamination and biofilm formation is half the battle. Having a partner who knows how to mitigate that risk puts you in a winning position. 5D's team of scientists are experts in biofilms, microbiology, biomaterials, biologics (including tissue regeneration), antimicrobials and antibiotic resistance, with over 25 years' experience. We bridge the gap between the theoretical and the practical. We work with healthcare professionals, academics and industry, protecting people, products and ideas from the detrimental effects of biofilms and microorganisms.

To discuss this project and any future needs you may have, please contact the 5D Health Protection Group Ltd.

Contact Details:

Name: Dr Anne-Marie Salisbury or Prof Steven Percival
Address: 5D Health Protection Group Ltd, Liverpool Bio-Innovation Hub, 6 West Derby Street, Liverpool, L7 8TX
Tel: +44(0) 151 794 9279
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.5Dhpg.com

Customer Testimonials

  • "We have found 5D Health Protection very informative and responsive to the work proposals, questions and final data. 5D Health were very helpful and clear in their support and advice throughout the study"
  • "5D provided an excellent service regarding product evaluation, consultancy and education"
  • "If anybody is looking to begin working with biofilms, they need to look at this course. It is run by top notch people, and they make it fun"
  • "Excellent communication of timelines"
  • “Always happy to discuss test methods and results with us”
  • “All testing was conducted as agreed, clear and professional report supplied”
  • "Very quick response to the initial request. Very professional and helpful advice to the requested studies. Very Supportive staff"
  • "If not for this course, we would likely never be able to get our lab up and running in a timely manner. This was a HUGE time saver in the long run"

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